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Course Duration 2 Hours
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Who is the Course intended for?

The Certified Engineer Program (CEP) distinguishes and recognises engineers skilled in the integration of Schneider Electric based automation projects.  At Schneider Electric we have several certification programs to choose from depending on your area of expertise and focus:

Vijeo Citect (CitectSCADA) Certified Engineer

PlantStruxure™ Certified Engineer

Telemetry Certified Professional

PlantStruxure™ PES Certified Engineer

1) CitectSCADA Certified Engineer

At the heart of the CEP are the Vijeo Citect (or CitectSCADA) Certified Engineer (VCCE) exams, which provide a means of testing experienced systems engineers. They encompass tests for Vijeo Citect knowledge as well as a range of related topics such as PLC communications, Windows OS and networking. The VCCE examinations consist of four separate areas that must be completed to attain the VCCE certification:

  • Module 1: Configuration
  • Module 2: Cicode
  • Module 3: Networking and Architecture
  • Module 4: Customisation and Design

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2) PlantStruxure Certification

The PlantStruxure™ Certified Engineer (PSXCE) Program is an elite training syllabus that qualifies individuals as experts in the implementation of Schneider Electric's PlantStruxure™ architecture solutions.  An engineer with a PlantStruxure™ certification is recognised as having mastered the complete PlantStruxure™ offer and possessing the capability to implement solutions for the most demanding requirements. The PlantStruxure™ CEP examinations consist of three separate areas that must be completed to attain the CEP certification:

  • Module 1:Unity Pro & PACs Exam
  • Module 2: ClearSCADA Exam or Vijeo Citect Configuration Exam
  • Module 3: Principles of Networking & Ethernet Exam

 No additional credit is given to candidates passing both sub modules.

3) Telemetry Certified Professional

Telemetry Certified Professional (TCP) is attained by completing the Telemetry RTUs & Remote Networking Exam.

In the near future we will be introducing the Telemetry Certified Engineer (TCE) program that will cover, in detail, the key components of delivering Telemetry solutions from Schneider Electric

Telemetry Certified Engineer will include:

  • Module 1: ClearSCADA Exam
  • Module 2: SCADApack Exam
  • Module 3: Trio Radio Exam

4) PlantStruxure™ PES Certified Engineer

The PlantStruxure™ PES Certified Engineer (PSXCE) certification shows the individual has a proven level of competency necessary for the implementation of DCS solutions based on the Schneider Electric PlantStruxure™ PES offer and includes:

  • Module 1:Unity Pro & PACs Exam
  • Module 2: ClearSCADA Exam or Vijeo Citect Configuration Exam
  • Module 3: Principles of Networking & Ethernet Exam
  • Module 4: Struxureware Process Expert Exam

Note: Modules 1 and 3 are the same as those required for the PlantStruxure™ Certified Engineer

What is Covered in this Course?

All Schneider Electric examinations are open book and the candidate will be provided with access to all relevant electronic documentation consistent with the examination study guides.

To ensure the integrity of the examination system, all Schneider Electric Certified Engineer examinations must be conducted at a Schneider Electric Educational Center or an alternative facility approved by Schneider Electric Educational Services.  All examinations are held under strict examination conditions, under the supervision of an approved Schneider Electric Examination Supervisor.

The examination procedure does not allow:

  • Notes to be taken in or out of the examination room
  • USB keys or any other removable media to be taken in or out of the examination room 
  • Screen shots or copies of examination questions to be taken from the examination room 
  • Photographs of any type 
  • Talking 
  • Collaboration with anyone
What's in it for you?

Certifications awarded within the PSXCE program are recognised globally and provide a range of benefits for both individuals and qualifying System Integrator partner organisations

Course Prerequisites

The certification exams cover a broad range of topics, so to enhance your chances of passing the exams, it is advisable to allow enough time to study the topics with which you are not yet familiar.

It is strongly recommended that candidates attend the matching training course for each exam.

Study guides are available for each exam and can be downloaded from: Remember, these are guides and are not intended to be sufficiently in-depth to fully cover all topics in the exams.

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